Colfor Manufacturing Inc. is a leading global network of integrated metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions providing seamless access to metals, industrial products & related value-added services. Leveraging our multi-industry expertise, breadth of experience and passion for our people, we are driving success for our North American business partners one customer at a time.


Colfor Manufacturing Inc. serves various industrial product markets through our dedicated business groups & manufacturing divisions. Since 1855, our experience has developed value-added services & products for end-use suppliers to satisfy quality, volume & delivery.  


Colfor Manufacturing Inc. continues to investing in the best equipment and technical resources making us a trusted supplier for automotive solutions in North America.

Colfor Manufacturing Inc. is investing in the future of aerospace and understands the unique challenges within the industry, continue to exceed customer expectations. 


With a focus on value-added services & innovative supply chain solutions, Colfor Manufacturing Inc. works collaboratively with our customers to get their products to market on time and for less. We have experience serving all major industries—any facet of the built environment that uses metal can benefit from our quality products & services.


Colfor Manufacturing Inc. is one of the largest possessors and distributors of aluminum products in NA and recognized by global partners as an industry leader.

We stock one of the extensive inventories for stainless steel products and are seen as a leader within the industry. 

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